Eye of Horus


Eye of Horus is an Australian, Byron Bay brand of colour cosmetics. The inspiration for this product comes from the ancient Egyptians who wore eye makeup because they believed it offered magical powers and protection to the wearer. The ancient Egyptians would line their eyes with black Kohl, creating the almond shaped eye or Eye of Horus, which was believed to protect their eyes as well as provide a statement of beauty.

The Eye of Horus makeup range is based on the formulas and ingredients of the ancient Egyptians to deliver the best quality and highest performing products possible to make every woman feel like a true Goddess. One of the scared ingredients used is the Organic Moringa Oil (“Oil of the Pharaohs”), claimed by the Gods for its beautifying and regenerating powers.

Eye of Horus is an award winning range that is wax and oil based, paraben-free, great for sensitive eyes, smudge & water proof and not tested on animals.

Eye of Horus products Awakens the Goddess Within.

The quality of the Eye of Horus range is continually backed by its yearly award wins:

  • 2012 International Spa and Beauty – Winner for ‘Best New Product’

  • 2014 Beauty Short List Awards – Finalist for ‘Best Mascara’ & ‘Best Eyeliner’

  • 2015 Beauty Short List Awards – Finalist for ‘Best Eyeliner’ & ‘Best Mascara’

  • 2015 Latest In Beauty Awards – Winner for ‘Best Make-up Brand’

  • 2016 Beauty Short List Awards – Finalist for ‘Best Eyeliner’ & ‘Best Mascara’

  • 2016 Best In Beauty Awards – Winner for ‘Best Eyeliner’, ‘Best Eye Shadow’ & ‘Best Brow Product’

  • 2017 Beauty Short List Awards – Winner for ‘Best Mascara’ & ‘Best Eyeliner’

  • 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards – Winner for ‘Best Makeup Brand’, ‘Best Mascara’ & ‘Best Eyeliner’