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for all skin types - particularly where there are signs of ageing, lines and dryness around the eye area



A white cream slightly richer than the Eye Contour Gel. Very fine with a delicate very fresh fragrance. Because of the extreme fineness and mobility of the tissues, the eye contour is a very fragile zone which needs specific treatment. It is the first place for the appearance of ageing, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. This cream has been formulated to efficiently fight against premature ageing on the eye contour with its anti free radical and protective action. It has an immediate effect thanks to the pigments which have the effect of softening the wrinkle shadow so the skin seems more uniform. It is richer than the Eye Contour Gel and therefore more suitable for skin already showing signs of ageing, lines and dryness around the eye area.



Avocado Oil: Nourishing, softening and protective.

Babassu Oil: This oil extracted from the seeds of a Brazilian tree provides exceptional nourishment to the eye area.

Marine Collagen: Obtained from fish skin, collagen has properties associated with surface moisturising. Ginko Biloba Liposomes: Attack free radicals which cause premature ageing.

Phycol PC: Active ingredient extracted from Pelvetia Canaliculata, a brown seaweed. Exceptional moisturising properties. It gently accelerates the blood microcirculation on the eye contour which helps prevent the appearance of fine lines.



Delicately apply around the eye area following the bone, after meticulous eye make-up removal. Can be used morning and night.


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