Essential Facials

Relax with a specially designed facial to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to keep it glowing longer.

Each of the 5 essential facials are approximately 1hr and cost $85

Re-mineralising Facial

This is the first step towards healthy, balanced skin. It replenishes tired and devitalized sin, improving the colour, texture & restoring it's healthy glow. 

Hydrating Facial

Restores the proper level of moisture to a thirsty skin providing long lasting softness, elasticity and comfort.

Detoxifying Facial

Essential to increawse circulation, flush impurities and decongests clogged pores. Improves sallow skin that has been exposed to poor environment & experiencing breakouts.

Repairing Facial

Reduces inflammation and repairs superficial damage caused by external aggression's, poor maintenance and over exposure to the sun. Encourages the regeneration of healthy cells. 

Revitalising Facial

The key to maintaining healthy skin. It stimulates & balances he proper functions: cleansing, oxygenating, hydrating, firming & toning a healthy skin. 

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