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Atelier makeup offers high-quality makeup that is used by makeup artists all over the globe. Atelier is designed for both professional and personal use.

Atelier first started in Paris in 1986, where it was widely used by professional makeup artists in high fashion, television and theatre. The brand was crated by Helene Quille, an extremely talented makeup artist. At the time, she was head of special effects in films and theatre productions and was also very active in designing makeup for runway fashion shows in Paris.

In 1989, Atelier began its global journey and in 1990 the 5 eyeshadow palette designed by Helene was introduced.

Atelier Australia now knows a Atelier makeup began in 1992 in Melbourne and in now widely used around the country by professional makeup artists and beauty therapists. Since then Atelier has moved from Melbourne to Adelaide but still proudly supply Australia wide.

Atelier is a unique brand which has been designed and formulated in Atelier’s privately owned laboratories. Atelier offers an extensive range of of high quality products. Light textured foundations with amazing coverage, high pigmented eye shadows and blushes, long lasting makeup that doesn’t run. All these qualities make these products ideal for professional and personal use.

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