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For multiple uses

Here at Julies Beauty Spot we stock both liquid magnesium and magnesium flakes. While both forms of magnesium will help with muscles aches and pains along with many other things they target those issues in different ways.

Magnesium helps to remove toxins from cells and transport nutrients to the cells, lower inflammation and rapidly heal the skin.

Liquid magnesium is great as it can be applied right at the source and act on that area quickly.

Liquid magnesium can help:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety,

  • Relax muscles, nerves and tendons

  • Great for Headaches

  • Relieve muscle cramps and fatigue

  • Improves insomnia, bone spurs and arthritis

Magnesium flakes are also a great way to rid the body of pain, cramps or stress however instead of applying it topically to the skin, it can be dissolved in warm water and soaked in.

Some benefits of magnesium are:

  • Increased energy

  • Calmer nerves and anxiety

  • Relieves muscle aches and spasms

  • Prevents migraine headaches

  • Regulates levels of calcium and potassium

We stock a few different brands of magnesium, all just as good as each other. Karma Rub is our main liquid magnesium brand. It is highly concentrated and works quickly on the skin. Due to its high concentration some may find it leaves a tingly feeling on the skin, if this occurs we recommend applying a small amount of oil or moisturiser on with the karma rub.

Like Zen has both flakes and liquid magnesium. The like zen liquid is less concentrated then the karma rub, therefore, will not cause the tingling that the karma rub may. Like Zen has their magnesium in a standard liquid, a lotion and a liquid spray - for easy hands-free application as you are not required to rub in the spray. The Like Zen magnesium flakes are also great. They can be used in a small foot spa/soak or can be used in a bath tub for a full body soak.

Ancient Minerals is the other magnesium flakes brand that we stock here at Julies Beauty Spot.

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