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Algologie & Fleur De Mer

Skin Care

Algologie & Fleur De Mer provides skincare that is second to none with natural ingredients sure to keep skin looking healthier, clearer & younger than ever before. 
Algologie is based in Brittany, France  where there are perfect conditions to grow and formulate their amazing products. 
Most of the products are all based on the Algo4 complex is made up of different seaweeds which work to protect, oxygenate, stimulate and nourish the skin. 
Fleur De Mer is part of Algologie however, it has been specially designed to suit the harsh Austrlian climate. As well as having an amazing skin care range they have also formulated an amazing 50+ sunscreen. The sunscreen is second to none and is worth every cent. 
Algologie & Fleur De Mer products feel absolutely amazing on your skin and are great for sensitive skin as well! 

Julies Beauty Spot has stocked Algologie & Fleur De Mer since Julie first opened her salon many years ago. Over the years the products have been absolutely fabulous and have only gotten better since.  

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