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Zea Relief products contain the therapeutic benefits of Australian Kunzea Oil - Tasmania's best-kept, natural secret! They have been naturally formulated to relieve, protect and soothe.

Why Kunzea Oil?

Kunzea Oil boasts a myriad of uses and benefits. However, despite being used for centuries by native cultures, the wide-ranging uses of this wonderfully therapeutic oil have only just begun to emerge in the wider community. 

Thanks to 30+ years of peer reviewed scientific research, Kunzea Oil is now recognised for several approved therapeutic indications and potential uses. Kunzea Ambigua Essential oil also demonstrates topical anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

While Kunzea is similar to various other plants in the Myrtaceae (Myrtle) family, there are three notable reasons why Kunzea functions as an effective active ingredient.

Check Out this Video About Zea Relief and its Benefits. 

All Zea Relief products are formulated with 100% natural, therapeutic-quality, cruelty-free ingredients.


Zea Pain Relief

Have been using Kunzea pain relief for the last couple of years and find it is the only product that has relieved my back and knee pain. Have also purchased a few oils as well.

Kunzea Muscle Balm

Kunzea muscle balm has been such a relief on both my muscles and joints after exercise, or just moving around. This has given me instant relief, and easier to sleep at night

Roll On Zea Relief

Was recommended by a family member, said it helped her immensely. Tried myself & i 100% agree.
Can honestly say that the arthritis in my shoulder has eased.

Zea Relief on the Australian National News

We've long known the potential health benefits of Australian plants like tea tree and eucalyptus, but another native bush is growing in popularity. The Kunzea shrub has been found to help with pain and inflammation and now it's attracting international attention.

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Kunzea Cream for Pets

Bickie the dog gives Kunzea Cream the thumbs up

This can also be used to help your doggos with their arthritis, alongside yours

If you are thinking of using our Kunzea products on your fur babies, we recommend patch testing first.

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