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Works while you sleep… All night skin repair with Vitamin A.


Day and night Cream… double the elements necessary to reignite that optimal, lovely youthful glow that so often fades due to fatigue, pollution and early skin ageing.


What it contains and how it works – all while we sleep!!

Vitamin A: Genuine anti ageing properties – Proven to improve the appearance of wrinkles.
Aloe Vera: Helps skin retain moisture. Prevents appearance of premature ageing.
Jojoba Oil: One of the most nourishing skin oils found in nature.
Wheat Germ Oil: Anti-oxidant to keep skin healthy and well lubricated. Helps reverse and prevent skin damage.


How to get the best results from Fleur De Mer Active Night Cream

Use after cleansing your skin at night.  Consider also using an appropriate serum underneath for specific skin concerns.

Active Night Cream

SKU: 709
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