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Much, much more than a cleanser


A soft white creamy paste with tiny natural calcium granules. These granules help to flush out blocked congestion in our pores which could otherwise cause blackheads, acne and other skin problems. Ordinary cleansers cannot achieve this.


What it contains and how it works

Calcium Carbonate: Tiny granules which remove impurities and prevent congestion in the pores.
Advanced Emulsion: To remove every trace of make-up, pollution and impurities leaving skin fresh and clean.


How to get the best results from Fleur De Mer Cleansing Granules…

Use as your regular cleanser or as a second cleanse after your usual cleansing milk. Massage the granules gently into wet skin with moist fingertips avoiding the eye area. Concentrate on the nose, forehead and chin. Rinse.

Cleansing Granules

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