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For oily, dehydrated skins or hot climates Ideal for men… as moisturiser or after shave



A particularly soft and light fresh creamy/gel texture with pale green colour. Ideal for summer



Each of the 3 moisturisers (Hydra-Refreshing Sorbet Gel, Hydra-Tender Cream, and Hydra-Comfort Cream) have specific textures designed for the 3 skin types. All will rapidly and intensely hydrate, moisturize and nourish even the driest skins. All rapidly and intensely hydrate, moisturise and nourish even the driest skin which is left more comfortable, softer and more beautiful. Each acts on 3 levels by increasing the volume of water in the epidermis, limiting its evaporation and encouraging water diffusion in the epidermis.



Note Well: The active ingredients are rather similar but the textures are beautifully and sensitively adjusted so as to please every skin type.

Algo4 Complex: See introduction page. A combination of 4 powerful seaweed extracts to protect, oxygenate, nourish and stimulate skin as never before.

Hyaluronic Acid: A powerful humectant to quickly hydrate skin and maintain moisture. Leaves a very comfortable feeling and reduces tightness.

Codium: A seaweed extract that acts as a natural moisturising factor.

Gulf Stream Seawater: Cold, fresh and icy to re-mineralise skin.

Aloe Vera: The pulp is used so as to not only hydrate skin but to retain moisture in the skin for long periods.

Shea Butter: Only in the Hydra Comfort Rich Cream for extra nourishment.



Apply morning and evening to face and neck.


SKU: 101
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