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A new, différent and unique peel



An irresistible unique melty jelly without grains which provides the most comfortable, pleasurable and effective peeling possible. The jelly turns into an oil while being massaged on the face. Then with water into a milky emulsion. Particularly recommended after age 40.



Pineapple and Papaya enzymes: Natural papain and bromelain enzymes gently and without aggression dissolves away unattractive dead cells on the top layer of skin revealing underneath a fresh, lovely, younger looking appearance instantly with a very noticeable radiance.

Lactic and Malic Fruit Acids (AHA’s) : Enhance the action of the above enzymes providing even faster results than with the enzymes alone.

Salicylic Acid (BHA) : Decongests skin by dissolving away blocked sebum in the follicles.

Chondrus Crispus : A seaweed extract which remineralises skin by providing the richness and goodness of the sea.

Sweet Almond & Grape Seed Oil : Nourishes skin while preventing dryness and friction from the exfoliation.

MICA : Silicate minerals which are very finely ground and used to create a glow in the skin. Now particularly popular in cosmetics.



Apply a thin layer on a thoroughly cleansed and dry skin. Avoid the immediate eye contour area. Leave for about 2 minutes before starting to massage the gel which will become an oil. Continue for about 10 minutes as it is ideal for a comfortable massage while performing its exfoliation. Then add a little water. It will emulsify the oil creating a silky milk. Finally remove with water or a cotton pad.


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