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soothing lotion suitable for red, irritated and sensitive skin

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This yellow liquid may be used as a lotion or applied as a cold compress to diminish the hot, burning sensation from irritation, reaction or damage to the skin. It contains a special base of cooled lime to soothe most irritations of the skin. It can be used to cool, calm and reduce redness on dry and sensitive skins from sunburn, overactive products, depilation, redness etc.



Calcium Hydroxide and Cooled Lime: Calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory. Helps to restore a disrupted pH associated with irritated skin.



Saturate cotton squares and dab on the face after cleansing. In case of itchiness, stinging redness etc, apply as a cold compress. Our advice ~ use as a compress for Rosacea to reduce redness and calm the skin Its action can be improved further by keeping it in the fridge and applying it cold.


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